Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things I want to eat right now:
1. Chicken wings
2. Mozzarella Sticks
3. Cheese fries
4. Pizza
5. Duck
6. Turkey Wrap

I don't know.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I recently found myself traveling through Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. That airport has a lot of problems, but one things I love about is the breadth of food available to eat. Most especially, I would recommend an outlet of a local chain called Pascal's. Pascal's serves authentic Southern food without the greasy aftertaste often found in these types of joints. They offer just about every common Southern food.

For lunch, I picked up some fried chicken, corn, and candied sweet potatoes. Every meal comes with two corn muffins. I'm not ashamed that I devoured every bit I could and was a little sad I had to throw some away. Not only is the food amazing but the folks who work there are incredibly nice and you don't feel like you're at a typical airport food stand. The only downside is that they are a little expensive, but in an airport what can you expect.

The moral of story: if you find yourself with a few extra minutes, head over to Terminal A and hit Pascal's if you want something that doesn't taste like cardboard.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I would kill for a coq au vin or a porc a la Normandie. Don't get me wrong I love living in the house but our meals are so pedestrian. I would just like to have a meal that can't be served with a side dish of ketchup. Is that so much to ask?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My new year's resolution this year, or one of them at least, is to begin blogging again. I blogged in high school, but eventually I got overwhelmed and abandoned it. However, I remember how much I enjoyed it and so here I am! It is not likely that I will post everyday but once a week should be about the norm depending on how much my professors assign. Anyways, welcome to my blog!